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Spicy Bath Bomb With Pheromones 100g

Spicy Bath Bomb With Pheromones 100g

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A tiny bit of piquancy is on your mind? Well… soon you can make this naughty dream come true! Aromatic bath with pleasurable, sparkling pheromones can end up with an incredibly exciting night! So? Let this bath bomb bring you and your lover spiciness and pure joy.

How to use: unwrap the bath bomb and put it in the bathtub filled with warm water – voilà, that’s how you can prepare a very aromatic bath!

Check all the details:
• Scented bath bomb.
• Contains pheromones.
• Scent version – Spicy – tempting, oriental-floral fragrance.
• Bath bomb contains natural, skin-conditioning oils – they give a feeling of nourishment and leave a protective film on the body.

Product name: Obsessive Spicy Bath Bomb With Pheromones.
Size/weight: 100g.
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